August 7-8, 2020Deer Lake Park

Tonye Aganaba

Saturday, August 8, 2020

Tonye is a singer-songwriter born in London England to Nigerian and Zimbabwean parents. She moved to Canada in her teens and started a career in music at 17. Her style can be described as Soul/ Neo-Folk/ Hiphop. She is a Much More Music Video Award recipient, social justice advocate and the kind of singer/performer that turns heads wherever she plays.

In 2015 her trajectory was interrupted by a MS diagnosis. Her career was put on hold at a time where she was starting to gain real momentum. For the past 2 years Tonye has been working on healing and finding herself again. A new Phoenix-like person is emerging from the proverbial ashes. She now calls MS the best thing that ever happened to her. She now has a new career trajectory. One that involves connecting deeper with her audience and that sees her creating a new community for herself.