2005 Artists

Burnaby Blues Festival

2005 Artists

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2005_nevilleNeville Brothers

The Neville Brothers represent the essence of 40 years of New Orleans music distilled within one family unit. The four brothers-Art, Charles, Aaron and Cyril- have individually and collectively carried the torch of the Crescent City’s rich R&B legacy since the ’50s


2005_jennysThe Wailin’ Jennys

“The Wailin’ Jennys are on a mission to restore tasteful three part harmony and good old fashioned melody back to its proper place in the forefront of intelligent pop music. File under: Intelligent, Harmony, Melody, Its About Time.” Creem Magazine


2005_cleggJohnny Clegg

Johnny Clegg’s concerts are rousing, emotionally-draining, dance-inducing, joyous celebrations. Clegg was born in England in the ’50s, but his family soon moved to Africa where he grew up in Zimbabwe and later South Africa. The Johnny Clegg Band revisits the music of Juluka and Savukaótwo of the greatest bands in South African pop music history



A spellbinding performer, Lhasa’s story is as captivating as her artistry. An eclectic mix of influences English, French and Spanish vocals layered over mariachi horns, North African melodies, clattering percussion, and textured jazz rhythms every song is imbued with the same intensity and emotional depth that continues to seduce her fans worldwide.


2005_memMem Shannon

There’s the entire New Orleans musical tradition, and then there’s guitarist, singer, songwriter Mem Shannon. Clean, simple but transcending genres, he channels the spirits that inspired Fats Domino, Professor Longhair, the Funky Meters and the Neville Brothers.