2003 Artists

Burnaby Blues Festival

2003 Artists

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2003_remyRemy Shand

“Sounding a lot like Al Green and looking even more like Jamiroquai’s younger brother, Shand, 23, usurps the women of the new soul movement with this winning debut (The Way I Feel).” – Entertainment Weekly.


2003_wmmWide Mouth Mason

Catchy, vibrant and funky describes this Saskatoon-based JUNO-Award winning band that blends rock, funk, soul, blues and pop into electrifying beats.


2003_copelandShemika Copeland

“Hot and haunting, Copeland doesn’t come across as an entertainer so much as a force of nature. The sound of her rafter-rattling voice- a dark, thundering alto- generates waves of energy and emotion. Impressive, fresh and modern, she has poise to match her power, and commands attention as few of her peers do.” –
Washington Post.


2003_bigjBig Lack Johnson and the Oilers

“Contemporary Mississippi blues doesn’t get any nastier than in Big Jack Johnson’s capable hands. The ex-oil truck driver’s axe cuts like a rusty machete, his rough-hewn vocals a siren call to Delta passion.” – JW Entertainment


2003_drzDr Z and the MDs

To see Dr. Z live is to become a believer and a fan, nobody can excite a crowd like he does.


2003_twistersThe Twisters

“The Twisters take the Chicago and Swing blues of the fifties, and give them an edge that is completely contemporary. Aside from playing blues with soul, the Vancouver-based quartet also does it with a sense of show.” – Calgary Herald.