2004 Artists

Burnaby Blues Festival

2004 Artists

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2004_colinjamesColin James

Colin has become a Canadian and international blues guitar icon. In the tradition of great blues and roots artists, Colin’s success can be largely attributed to his skilful, passionate and incendiary live performances.


2004_rosanneRosanne Cash

“Rosanne Cash has one of those familiar voices. The warm, slightly husky tone, the soulful expressiveness and the earthy delivery of intelligent, accessible lyrics. ” – Dallas Morning News


2004_buckwheatBuckwheat Zydeco

“(Buckwheat) dishes a spicy gumbo of blues and hard-rocking Creole fireworks. His live shows have become legendary for their ability to get patrons out of the seats and on their dancing feet.” – The Blade


2004_jaojobyJaojoby Eusebe

“Jaojoby Eusebe has definitely the best voice and one of the tightest, funkiest bands of all the long running Salegy stars… firing on all cylinders.” – Folk Roots


2004_jimbyrnesJim Byrnes

A local legend in both music and television, blues guitarist Jim Byrnes is one of Vancouver’s most respected and beloved entertainers.


2004_tarboxTarbox Ramblers

“Michael Tarbox’s sour-mash-soaked voice and grunting guitar burns like canned heat through any doubts you have about Yankees fooling around with plantation moans” – Rolling Stone