Rich Hope

Burnaby Blues Festival


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Rich Hope

Westwood Stage :: 1:45pm-2:30pm

A man was once heard to say the evil comes and evil goes, but he was wrong. Evil never goes—it lingers, often for years, sometimes decades, on the rarest and best occasions growing in power. Such is the case with Rich Hope and His Evil Doers, the two-man quartet that ate Vancouver in the most evil way possible, starting way back in 2005.

Guitarist-vocalist Hope and his erstwhile trapsman Adrian Mack approach their 10th year as unholy fools in the business of electric rock ‘n’ roll noise-making with yet more accolades and achievements under their stylish leather belts, not to mention a whole new country signing on to sing the trash-boogie blues ungospel.

In the peak year of 2012, with beloved Armagideon-time anthem “I See Trouble” still blasting from the car stereo, the band took off to Spain for a series of shows culminating in an explosive, sold-out night in Madrid. Out of this came a deal with El Beasto Records and a solemn pledge to return to the scene of the crime—only louder, and bigger.

And so summer 2014 approaches with a new 7” single on the ever-lovin’ vinyl format set for release in June. “Runnin’ Shoes” is perhaps the closest thing to the manic wasted buzz of their lauded live show that Rich Hope and His Evil Doers have ever consigned to tape. “La Iguana”, meanwhile, pays tribute to the nation (and the club, in Vigo), that inspired it. The song was literally written during soundcheck and recorded in Vancouver every bit as fast and dirty.
Know why? Cause that’s how they do it. Evil grows in the dark, and certainly doesn’t like to be fussed over.